WP Visualize – Let customers picture your products on them or in their homes

Let customers visualize themselves
with your products

**No apps - No downloads. Customers click from your social media, links, website or even scan QR Codes.
An instant & seamless customer experience that's set up in minutes.**

Stand out from competitors & attract more customers.

Attract more customers just by pasting a simple link into your website, social media, blogs and digital advertising, in store display a QR code or link from SMS & emails.

By using real product photos, avoiding the high costs associated with 3D models, WP Visualize is affordable for EVERY business. Let customers get a REAL IDEA of which products, styles & colors REALLY suit best.

wpvisualize examples

WP Visualize is made to be simple
for businesses & customers.


Step 1 Select Images

You select product images, creating a link (along with a QR code) that you use in your website, social media or advertising.


step 2 user-selects-image

Customers click the link or scan the QR code.

This opens a screen where users add their own selfie or image.


step 3 tap and position

Customers tap a product, and position as they'd like.


wp visualize

Customers then click to try more, or can proceed to buy, contact, chat, call or what ever you'd like their next step to be.

View example videos

Attract Customers instantly.

Offer the simplest fun way to visualize your products with customers own selfies or pics. Attract customers from ANYWHERE YOU CAN PASTE A LINK (social media, emails, SMS, websites, blogs) or display a QR Code (TV, Print Media, Signage, Store windows & more).  

No special requirements.

73% of potential customers  leave if they need apps or special downloads to engage.
WP Visualize is SEAMLESS & INSTANT with no app or special download required.

Simple for customers.

Customers don't want to rotate products or spin a product in 360, they just want the EASIEST & SIMPLEST way to picture how it looks! Styles, colors, options, models... with just 1 click.

Simple for EVERY business.

Because WP Visualize uses regular images, there are no delays or huge costs to produce 3D files for every single product.

Special offer
Get WP VISUALIZE for WordPress
risk free from under $4 a week. Install as a WordPress plugin.

Save up to 50% right now

WP Visualize SaaS Cloud Version

Get WP VISUALIZE Cloud Version
Our hosted SaaS solution is perfect for all websites, email marketing, in store promotions, TV & video ...
or even if you don't have a website!

 WP VISUALIZE "GAMIFICATION", creating a dramatic boost to branding, engagement & SALES.

WP Visualize instantly creates gamification by enabling customers to interact with your products gaining instant gratification. And because WP Visualize lets potential customers use REAL images, the emotional connection is greater than simply using product simulations.

The world’s leading Internet Authorities agree:


76% sales increase
  • Clothing company Moosejaw implemented a gamified system that increased sales by 76%, made its social media impressions skyrocket to 240,000, and generated an ROI of 560% (Source: eBridge Connections)
  • Target trialed a gamified experience allowing users to interact, which generated potential sales of $92.3 million (Source: Ohio University, 2020)
45% additional margin
  • After implementing a sales gamification tool, Kenco experienced a 45% increase in bottom-line sales margin (Source: Datanyze, 2020)

"Gamifying leads to increased conversions, regardless of industry or audience. In a sense, gamification is about turning customers into active “co-creators”— delighting them while also encouraging their interaction and personal input".


"Gamified content works. It creates a level of engagement that just can’t be matched by other marketing strategies".

WP Visualize Analytics

Real Time "Easy-to-Follow" Analysis

There is a saying .. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it! So we have created real-time statistics and analysis that are easy for the 'Non-techy' to follow and understand. Make more informed decisions based on REAL DATA from real interactions.

Social Media Integration

Social Media 1-Click Integration

Share any collection of products to Social Media with just 1 click from your WP Visualize dashboard. Try adding WP Visualize links to Chat bots and automated responses to further engage and motivate customers.

WP Visualize trackable QR codes

Auto-Generated QR Codes

Launch any product collection instantly with your collection specific, fully trackable QR code. Use in newspapers, TV, video, signs and even in store. Attract more customers by inviting them to 'try' your products. Create collections of any products or option that instantly open from a QR code. Then benefit from data and statistics dynamically gathered, displayed with graphs and downloadable for use in your own reports and analytical applications.

Real Success Stories

We smashed engagement records by over 300% and experienced a big decrease in bounce rates just by inviting customers on social media to try our products."

Adam Hussein

Bistro St.Tropez - Fashion retailer

With our very first post to Facebook, pasting a link to try our products, we had more customers through our store than in the entire 2 months prior.

Abbi Loizou

Browns Big Size - Retail Store

Abbi Loizou

Australian label House of Campbell designs suiting and elevated wardrobe classics for the modern power-woman. Visualization plays a critical role in the future of fashion. Through WP Visualize, customers can try our range no matter their location, and in our industry, and that's gold"

Abby Potter

House of Campbell - Fashion Designer


Right now, save up to 50% & enjoy PREMIUM FEATURES at no extra cost.
  • REAL-TIME Analytics
  • 1-click Social Media linking
  • Trackable QR Codes
  • UNLIMITED product collections
  • Customize with your branding

Rob Ryan


Return website traffic increased by over 200%. Bounce rate is down from +80% to below 60%. Social media click-through traffic up over 300%. Sales up over 240%. Our promotions are converting. The primary difference is that we added WP Visualize."

Ivan Vantagiato

Ivan Vantagiato

Digital Brand Guru, Author & CEO of Digital Marketing Tribe

WP Visualize is the most powerful development in online shopping & sales.

Ferdinand Mandji

Ferdinand Mandji

La Maison Desampoules

We launched in a novice market new lighting technologies. WP Visualize was the perfect solution to reassure our potential customers about the suitability of our products with their environments. With support at your disposal and perfect service, I highly recommend it.

WP Visualize for WordPress Pricing | View Cloud based WP Visualize

Limited offer - Save up to 50% today.
** 14 Day 100% money back guarantee **

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Normally $99 SAVE 50% NOW

  • Add unlimited products
  • Create unlimited Shortcodes
  • Create unlimited QR codes
  • Includes detailed Analytics
  • Open visualizations from social media, emails, SMS, websites, QR codes & more.
  • $



    Normally $297 SAVE $100 NOW

  • Add unlimited products
  • Create unlimited Shortcodes
  • Create unlimited QR codes
  • Includes detailed Analytics
  • Open visualizations from social media, emails, SMS, websites, QR codes & more.
  • $


    /one time payment


  • Add unlimited products
  • Create unlimited Shortcodes
  • Create unlimited QR codes
  • Includes detailed Analytics
  • Open visualizations from social media, emails, SMS, websites, QR codes & more.
  • Frequently asked questions

    General Questions

    Do you offer a free trial?

    We are happy to extend a RISK FREE 14 day policy. If for any reason you want to cancel within 14 days, we will offer a full refund. No questions asked :)

    Do I need any special images to use in WP Visualize?

    No. Regular images are just fine. We provide a link that will remove image backgrounds automatically for you. Removing backgrounds is best, so we make that super simple. Each image only takes a few seconds to automatically remove the background for you.

    About WP Visualize USe

    I use Woocommerce to sell products. Does it work with Woocommerce?

    Yes. You simply open your Woocommerce product edit page and click the WP Visualize button and choose images. Everything else happens automatically for you from there. If you want, you can alternatively paste the WP Visualize link in any page on any website, shopping page or blog.

    Can I add a link to an image or a button?

    Yes. You can link any asset anywhere in any webpage.

    Does image size matter?

    Internet speeds nowadays are more forgiving than they used to be, but being mindful of size on any internet or app based product does help the user experience. The image size is restricted automatically to the screen width for you, but we recommend sizing to suit. Mobiles generally have a screen width of around 410px to 414px. If your product type would normally show on a person, for example, would their selfie be ... maybe 2/3 of the screen width, then a good starting point may be eg two thirds of 414px. This is not critical by any means, but it saves the user downloading a very large image when their device is only modest width.

    About orders

    How soon do I receive WP Visualize when I join?

    Immediately :) Following your payment, WordPress users will be emailed a download link and registration code. If for any reason you don't see your email with registration details, please check your spam or junk folders. If not  there, please contact our support team form this webpage or by visiting www.support.wpvisualize.com

    What is your returns policy?

    If for any reason you wish to cancel, you are welcome to do so at anytime. We have no lock-in contracts and rely on keeping you happy with outstanding results. If you cancel within 14 days and wish to claim your 14 Day Risk Free refund, please contact support, supplying your email that was used during your purchase. We will deactivate your subscription and provide a refund back through PayPal, who we use exclusively for all online payments.

    Do you have an affiliate program?

    We are happy to hear from agencies & resellers and consider applications on a case by case basis. Please contact our support team from this webpage for further information.