Become WP Visualize Affiliate

Earn monthly paid affiliate income with WP Visualize, paid not just on sign ups, but on renewals too!! Read our FAQ below and get started now!

All WP Visualize affiliate sales and payments are handled by To promote WP Visualiaze you will need to register for free at and do a product search for wp-visualize. Click to apply to be an affiliate of WP Visualize and we will come back to you ASAP.

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Affiliate offer.

What commission do I receive?
50% on new and recurring payments

What counts as a sale?
Every payment made by a user who signed up through your affiliate link counts as a sale. That includes:

  • One-off purchases
  • Initial subscription payments
  • Monthly/yearly subscription renewals
  • Payments made by subscription plan changes

Do I get commissions for subscriptions every month?
Yes, as long as the payments come in from your referral, you get paid.

What if someone signs up, but does not purchase?

Should they later upgrade, you will receive commission.

What if someone already has an account?

If someone already has an account that was not created via your affiliate link, purchases can not be assigned to you. It is not possible to change the affiliate assignment of an existing account.

What if someone cancels and resubscribes later?

When a customer cancels their subscription you stop receiving commissions. When they resubscribe later, you start receiving commissions again. Just make sure that you refer at least one new paying customer per year to keep your affiliate account active.

What if someone pays in a different currency?

All sales through JVzoo are made in USD.

How can I promote my affiliate link?
There are many ways you can spread the word about Here are some ideas and inspirations:
Blogging and Video Tutorials: Write or record content to show your audience how works and how they can benefit from it.

  • Add a link to your app or product: Are you running an app or website and your users often need backgrounds removed, for instance before they upload an image to your site? Add your affiliate link!
  • Talk to your customers, partners, social media: Whenever someone tells you how they spent countless hours cutting out images, show them how they could do better.
  • Create an online guide or course: Are you an expert on eCommerce, school photography, car sales, something else? Be the first to tell the world about how AI can help them improve their everyday work.
  • Interviews and Case Studies: Do you know about a company using Ask them about their experience – how has their workflow changed? How much time do they save? What does it enable them to do? Interviews and case studies are a great way to let others learn from experiences.
  • Reviews and Comparisons: Help others research existing solution for their problems. Compare existing solutions for background removal. Review tools for eCommerce product image optimization. Test apps for photography and design.
  • Build an email list: Let interested customers sign up for a mailing list and regularly publish content on topics that are relevant for your audience. Offer educational resources: Help users be more efficient in image editing by offering training, one-on-one calls or coachings to help them use and other tools in the best possible way.

What marketing assets can I use?
Log into to access banners, videos and any promotional tools along with your personalized affiliate link.

How do I disclose sponsored content?

Depending on where you are, you may be required by law to disclose that content is sponsored. In any case, the Affiliate Program requires you to be transparent about it. So make sure to inform your audience.

For instance: On Twitter a “#sponsored” or “#ad” hashtag can indicate sponsorship with just a few characters. On other social media (Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, etc.) disclosure is required as well (see suggestions by the FTC). In Youtube videos or other video content, disclosure must be made clear in the video itself (either spoken or in writing on the screen, presented long enough to be noticed, read and understood).

What kind of advertisement is not allowed?
You are not allowed to promote your affiliate link:

  • in third-party ad networks
  • in affiliate networks
  • in PPC advertisements
  • on websites about coupons, discounts or deals
  • on toolbar-fueled websites
  • on gambling or gaming websites
  • with false promises
  • by promising forwarding of commissions to customers (“cashback”)
  • in unsolicited messages without consent and legal basis (Spam)
  • by violating applicable law or the Affiliate Program Agreement

If you are in doubt about what methods are permitted,contact us in advance as violations can result in the cancellation of your affiliate account.

How do I get paid and how often?

Payouts are processed twice per month as long as your account balance is above the minimum payout theshold ($100).
When you receive a commission for a sale, it shows up in your affiliate account immediately as “pending”. After 45 days the purchase is confirmed and your account balance is updated with the final commission.

Affiliate payouts are made through PayPal only. All payments are made in USD.

Do I have to issue an invoice to receive payment?
No, you don’t have to issue an invoice.

What if someone clicks a different affiliate link after clicking mine?

When a visitor clicks multiple affiliate links before creating an account, the last affiliate link wins. That means, that the affiliate that was closest to the actual registration gets the reward.

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