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CEO Mike Potter

About Mike Potter - CEO

Spanning a career in IT exceeding 30 years, Mike has developed solutions for companies in the US, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Mike came from a background in sales in his family’s business, before co-founding Corporate Multimedia in the early 90’s with long-time friend Dan Temby.

Mike has personally developed solutions used in Government, Major International Airports, Resort chains and Convention Centres, Subway, a major radio network, national charities including White Lion and The Royal Society for the Blind and is very experienced in numerous programming languages and database platforms. He has provided strategic advice to large businesses and corporations in the Wine, Home Improvement & Retail sectors and was a systems developer for US based Talk-Safe prior to their successful sale to Nokia.

Mike now heads a dedicated team who collectively get their kicks out of developing WP Visualize - a very cool tool that yields results for it's users.

WP Visualize is a wholly opened division of parent company Associate (Global).

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