Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If you have unadressed questions, please contact us via the help button on the botton of this webpage, or create a support ticket at our support page at

if your website is made with WordPress, then WP Visualize is installed as a WordPress plugin. It is a very simple process that generally tales less than 1 minute. If you haven't installed a WordPress plugin before, we d provide a short video to help. It is not a technical process and can be done easily by anyone. PHP version 7 is advised as a minimum and atleast WordPress Version 5.6.

If your website is a Wix, Shopify or custom made website, our cloud solution is perfect for you. It's provided set to go and ready to add your product images.

If you don't have a website, but like the idea of letting customers virtually try your products from emails social media or even a QR code in store, then our cloud solution is perfect.

Yes, on mobile devices users can select video clips for their visualization. However please note that products loaded on to the video will remain stationary as they are images, not videos.

There are no lock in contracts. You can cancel anytime.

If you are not happy with WP Visualize within 14 days following your purchase, contact us via our support page at We will provide your refund quickly via the same method used for your payment and cancel your activation codes. Following the 14 day policy, cancellation can be made anytime. Your access will remain available until the end of your paid subscription period after which time, access will be revoked.

No. You only need regular images. WP Visualize works with regular 2D images to give your customers simple fast way to see your real products combined with their real images.

Do I need 3D models and images?

WP Visualize provides a simple and direct experience without the roadblocks or interuptions of app downloads. We believe that most customers are looking to see how a product looks on them or in their home, rather than just the ability to rotate. WP Visualize shows real product images with real user backgrounds rather than mock simulations, providing a simple, fast and realistic result.

Yes. A button is provided on the visualization screen to download the image. Alternatively you can screenshot. Downloaded images can then be printed as you would any other image on your computer, laptop or device.

Yes. Click or tap anywhere on the screen to hide frames. To then edit an item, click or tap the product again and the frames will toggle for editing.

Yes. Simply apply a class or wpv-button and an id of wpv-SHORTCODEID to any object in your website to open that visualization.

A trigger link will directly open a visualization without the need for an intermediate step of clicking a button on your webpage. A triggerlink can be set to open any visualization as a modal window over any page you nominate on your website.

Close buttons are the small cross on the top right of visualization windows. By default they can close the visualization to display the page content underneath.. for example customer testimonials, offers, opt in lists or shopping pages. However these buttons can be configured to return a user to the previous page (great if they have come from an external page such as Facebook or YouTube.) Alternatively you can set the close button to forward to any webpage you nominate. eg. a coupon code, list building page, contact form, booking page, funnel page or what ever you would like.

Call to Action buttons are configurable buttons that show on your visualization screen. They can be configured as ""Buy Now", "Learn More", "Contact us", "Messenger Chat", "SMS us", "Email us" or "Make a booking".