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How WP Visualize Works

Simple Sells. WP Visualize is the uncomplicated way for potential customers to see themselves with your products, colors and options.

WP Visualize requires no 3D models, meaning that you add regular product images into collections. Creating collections automatically creates a links that you can paste anywhere, including websites, blogs, SMS, emails Social Media, QR codes etc.

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WP Visualize - The simple overview

  1. Businesses select product images, creating collections. Each collection has a link that can be pasted anywhere, for example websites, social media, advertising. Users click a link and then select their image or selfie. They then tap and add your products. It's that simple.
  2. User images never leave their device, making WP Visualize extremely private and secure. (Users Images are not uploaded to any external servers!)
  3. You can add buttons letting customers connect to shopping carts, contact pages, messenger bots & more.
  4. Easy to follow analytics let you understand the origin of traffic, popular products and collections, along with a number of further valuable analytical statistics, all gathered in real-time.

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What is WP Visualize?

WP Visualize is installed into existing Wordpress websites or accessed as a SaaS (Software as a service) via WP Visualize servers (e.g. SaaS suits no current website, Wix, Shopify, Angular, custom websites.).

WP Visualize lets customers visualize a combination of your product images and their own image or selfie in order to visualize styles, colors, positioning and options.

WP Visualize is web based meaning there is no app or download required. Statistics (statistica.com) report a 73% abandonment when customers are required to download an app to interact with a business.

By utilizing a web based approach, WP Visualize provides a fast and seamless experience where users visualize actual product & user images rather than simulated 3D models.

WP Visualize does not rotate products in 3D. Instead it displays real products in combination with the users real selfie or photos.

A Cohesive Customer Journey.

Potential or existing customers can access your WP Visualize screens from countless sources, for example, your website, Social Media, Messenger, YouTube, Digital Advertising, SMS and Email campaigns, retargeting campaigns, pdf documents, and QR codes in newspaper, television, flyers, display and vehicle signage and shop windows.

Businesses use WP Visualize to encourage interaction and engagement. Some businesses selling the likes of signage or homes may create Photoshop or CAD mockups once an inquiry is made. WP Visualize attracts the potential customers to your business by providing a unique and engaging experience.

As there is nothing to download, the customer journey is seamless. As users interact with your products, your website bounce rate is decreased, positively impacting your SEO. The entry and exit points of WP Visualize can be set, creating a cohesive and customizable customer journey. According to Salesforce, 86% of senior-level marketers state that it's absolutely critical to create a cohesive customer journey. (source)

Our Development Objectives

  1. Allow businesses to invite potential customers to try their products without the need to download an app or plugin.
  2. Provide a seamless and engaging interactive experience.
  3. Allow users to engage using any device.
  4. Allow interaction directly from both online and offline sources.
  5. Connect with shopping carts and any online 3rd party services.
  6. Build statistics to assist businesses to make more informed decisions.
  7. Connect statistics from offline traffic sources such as newspapers, television, fliers and signs.
  8. Provide all of this in a platform that would be affordable for all businesses to implement, market and maintain.

To achieve our mandate we decided on a creating WP Visualize as a web based application that could be added to any webpage, social media, blog, and accessed via email, SMS campaign, digital marketing, print media, signage and TV/Video transmission. For offline connectivity we tested various technologies including Ultrasonic Data Transmission, but following the global exposure of QR codes due to COVID 19, opted to create taggable QR codes, available within the WP Visualize system.

QR codes introduced another layer of value for businesses: Both attracting and monitoring traffic while providing a unique and simple user experience to attract potential customers. By combining online and offline invitations to visualize products, Real Time analysis is available across simultaneous campaigns and mediums. 

Search Engine Influence

Bounce rate is determined by the time users spend on your website following searches for keywords and phrases. If users simple click into your website and leave, it is interpreted as providing lesser value to users and subsequently incurs a lower relevance in search results.

Bounce rate reduction provides a significant challenge to businesses and SEO experts alike, proven effective in improving search engine optimisation (often referred to as SEO). You can imagine the impact to bounce rate when providing users with an interactive experience on your webpage.

An Intriguing Invitation.

Through the likes of digital advertising, social media, newspapers, television and even out of hours shop windows, potential customers can be invited to see how products look on the customer or in their home. As a significant point of difference exists due to WP Visualize's innovative nature, your invitation is intriguing and provides a significant point of difference to competitors.

WP Visualize is either installed into your website or accessed from our servers as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. Both versions provide a fast and simple set-up. View our Implementation page to learn more about the set-up process for WP Visualize. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

Our Clients

visitors easily form a relationship

Visualize directly from a webpage or social media, our visitors easily form a relationship with our brand.

Antoine Franc

the perfect solution

Support at your disposal and perfect service, I highly recommend it

Ferdinand Mandji - Lighting Sales

1 Post Delivered more than our entire previous month

Within 2 hours of our first social mediia post of WP Visualize, we exceeded our entire previous months traffic.

Abbi Loizou - Menswear Fashion

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Our Clients

Highly Recommended

Significant boost to our sales in a very short space of time.

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Through WP Visualize, customers can try our range no matter their location

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Return website traffic increased by over 200%

The primary difference is that we added WP Visualize.

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