statistical analysis

WP Visualize Statistical Analysis

Make educated, data-driven decisions quickly & easily.

WP Visualize captures real-time date filterable analytical data to your system.

Data is held within your own system and is available to both view and export for importing into your external analytical platforms.

All user interactions across product collections and child products, button actions, entry and exit points and allowed user data are timestamped and stored for download or filtered views from your administration console.

User journeys can be profiled across products and collections, identified as new or return users and correlated to geolocational profiling.

Use in combination with tracking links applied to links and QR codes (as generated within your WP Visualize admin console), to boost valuable insights into both online and offline promotions.

Utilizing QR codes in signs, television and print delivers rich data sets to enable you to better monitor & understand distinct advertising instance performance.

You can't improve what you can't measure.

... Peter Drucker (Author of 39 books on modern business and widely regarded as the greatest management thinker of all time.)