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Social Media

Increasing Conversion from Existing Website Traffic

Convert more of your existing web traffic through interaction and engagement.

Lower the bounce rate and increase conversion of existing website traffic by inviting visitors to visualize your products with them or in their home. Link your products and promote visualization on your primary landing pages. Reduce on page abandonment and configure WP Visualize exit button actions to drive traffic into sales funnels and offers.

Digital Advertising

Increase click through traffic conversion and brand recall by promoting interaction with your products in your digital advertising. Visualization is a standout feature and point of difference that attracts traffic and holds their attention on your site longer. And 86% of the buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. Stop cutting your margin with unsustainable discounts and offer a unique experience.

Social Media

Invite Social Media contacts and visitors to see what your new or latest product looks like on them or in their home. Place images of real customers with your products. They will most likely share with their friends. Include trigger links to seamlessly launch a visualization so they too can try the product. Nowadays, everyone is an influencer, and hold the trust and interest of their friends and contacts. Provide them with something interesting to take to their networks.


QR codes are now on trend. WP Visualize creates your own QR codes with trigger links to seamlessly launch visualizations directly from QR codes, in store, on signs and flyers and even shop windows when you are closed. Provide an invitation to place your products in their actual environment. Boost web traffic, branding and conversion, guiding visitors into shopping carts, contact pages, bots and more using configurable WP Visualize exit button actions.

Newspaper Advertising & Editorials

QR codes in print media are a great source of traffic, with statistics now capturable for understanding cost per acquisition, product and collection engagement, along with many other relevant analytical datapoints. As visualization is new to SMBs explore opportunities for editorials which often convert beyond paid mediums as they inherently purvey trust and authority. Using WP Visualize analytics, compare publications and geo-information to better understand your responsive and converting markets from display ads containing your WP Visualize QR codes.


Pinterest is an extremely visual Social Media platform where you can promote images of your products and services, linking directly back to your visualizations. It is often frequented by users looking to visualize. Intent to purchase may be questioned, however depending on your business type, Pinterest has been seen to convert extremely well for the likes of fashion, landscaping and building.


If you have multiple spots broadcasting your advertisement on TV, how can you really capture engagement analytics to decide what timeslot best responds to your message. What offer is going to bring customers directly to your website or make the phone ring? Until now, interested viewers may google your business, finding competitors, better ranking websites, and a host of paid ads. Due to the increased understanding of QR codes, combined with the tracking and analytics of WP Visualize, you can offer viewers the opportunity to place your products ‘virtually’ in their home, directly by scanning a QR code scan on the screen. Understand times, geo-locational data and guide engaged users through to your shopping cart, booking system, bot or phone. All while capturing analytical datapoints to enable you to make informed decisions when planning future promotions.


There’s no surprise that with the widespread popularity and indisputable benefits of email marketing, the return on investment is massive. A well-thought-out email marketing strategy will make you money. According to ( for every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA, 2019). Spam laws are to be considered of course as reputational damage for sending scores of unsolicited emails are definitely not worth the risk. However, WP Visualize offers the opportunity to increase conversion by offering a significant point of difference and engaging invitation. Trigger links from email, and SMS transmissions, can directly open the visualization with your nominated product mix, leading into your conversion funnel. Most Mail systems such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber and Hubspot, track and automate your emails based on user interaction. Use this combination to maximise your results and design your customer journey. Configure WP Visualize exit actions to special offers and incentives to maximise conversions from your campaigns.

Messenger & Chat Bots

As a funnel strategy, Messenger chat and bots can provide value on both entry and eit to your visualizations. If you are already using chat bots to increase visitor ‘touch points’ to move them closer to a sale via AI automated interactions, you can share trigger links pertinent to a user’s interests introducing them to an interactive experience. As an exit action from WP Visualize, engage customers with your chat bot promoting incentives and capturing information for retargeting with new products and complementing product visualizations.

Online Video

Online video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo rank amongst the most visited websites on the Internet. Attract visits by listing videos of interaction and engagement with your products and services. Add links to allow viewers to visualize and engage. Be different to competitors and offer a unique interactive experience to visualize themselves with your products.

Our Clients

visitors easily form a relationship

Visualize directly from a webpage or social media, our visitors easily form a relationship with our brand.

Antoine Franc

the perfect solution

Support at your disposal and perfect service, I highly recommend it

Ferdinand Mandji - Lighting Sales

1 Post Delivered more than our entire previous month

Within 2 hours of our first social mediia post of WP Visualize, we exceeded our entire previous months traffic.

Abbi Loizou - Menswear Fashion

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Our Clients

Highly Recommended

Significant boost to our sales in a very short space of time.

Adam Hussein - International Fashion Brand


Through WP Visualize, customers can try our range no matter their location.

Abby Potter - Designer

Return website traffic increased by over 200%

The primary difference is that we added WP Visualize.

Rob Ryan Online Retailer & Marketer

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