How does WP Visualize Work?

From fashion to home renovations, body art to auto accessories. WP Visualize works for all businesses & industries

The 'Virtual Try On'

When customers are buying any product or service, they love to see what it is going to look like. WP Visualize lets users combine product images with their own selfie or stored image, to see the item on them, or perhaps that new piece of furniture in their own home. It does this in the simplest and easiest way possible for both customers and businesses, with no app, special download or 3D image development.

'Set up in minutes'

WP Visualize is designed to be simple and is added to an existing website in minutes, or accessed directly from WP Visualize servers using mobile phones, laptops, tablets & computers.

Boost Profits & Engagement

Immediately increase sales from your existing website & social media visitors while attracting more traffic, shares & referrals with visualization. Proven by the World's biggest brands and now available to every business. The answer to fast results, increased brand awareness & boosted profits.

Customer Journey

WP Visualize customer Journey

Case Studies/Examples

Each example below shows multiple product types. No plugin or app required. Works on any internet enabled phone, tablet or computer. As visitors engage, your statistical probability of a sale increases and your 'Bounce Rate' decreases, improving your SEO.


From a link (webpage, email SMS), social media post, digital ad or QR code, users can be inspired by visualizing furnishings, home improvements, landscaping or even consider where to place an air conditioner or swimming pool. They can then directly connect with a booking page, contact page or perhaps a chat bot.


From social media, an e-commerce page, QR code or blog users can see themselves in your fashion products. Clothing, jewellery, tattoos, hair-styles. Try colors, styles, patterns and designs. Then directly connect to a buy now, product screen, testimonials or progress in a sales funnel.


From in-store, social media, an e-commerce page, QR code or blog users can place a vehicle in their drive, or virtually fit accessories. Add 4x4 accessories, canopies, personalize with wheels and stripes. Visualize colors, models, patterns and designs. Then directly connect to purchase, make an appointment for fitting, view product testimonials or live chat with a bot or real consultant.

What people are saying about WP Visualize

After stunning initial results from Social Media promotions in Facebook, we are now actively using WP Visualize from email campaigns and our website. That has provided a very positive and significant boost to our sales in a very short space of time. Highly recommended.

Bistro St.Tropez - Adam Hussein - International Fashion Brand

Return website traffic increased by over 200%. Bounce rate is down from +80% to below 60%. Social media click-through traffic up over 300%. Sales up over 240%. Our promotions are converting. The primary difference is that we added WP Visualize.

Robert Ryan - Online retailer & Marketer

Australian label House of Campbell designs suiting and elevated wardrobe classics for the modern power-woman. Visualization plays a critical role in the future of fashion. Through WP Visualize, customers can try our range no matter their location, and in our industry, that's gold!

House of Campbell - Abby Potter - Australian Fashion Designer/ Participant NY Fashion Week 2019

We are very excited to launch our new Monument range of watches, utilizing the visualization technologies of WP Visualize. By allowing uses to visualize directly from a webpage or social media, our visitors easily form a relationship with our brand.

Antoine Franc -Aaron Biagi - Co-founder - Modern Luxury Watch Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

if your website is made with Wordpress, then WP Visualize is installed as a Wordpress plugin. It is a very simple process that generally tales less than 1 minute. If you haven't installed a Wordpress plugin before, we d provide a short video to help. It is not a technical process and can be done easily by anyone.

If your website is a Wix, Shopify or custom made website, our cloud solution is perfect for you. It's provided set to go and ready to add your product images.

If you don't have a website, but like the idea of letting customers virtually try your products from emails social media or even a QR code in store, then our cloud solution is perfect.

No. You only need regular images, whether professionaly shot or taken with your phone.

If you are not happy with WP Visualize within 14 days following your purchase, contact us via our support page at We will provide your refund quickly via the same method used for your payment and cancel your activation codes.

Let customers 'virtually try your products' & boost your sales . INSTANTLY.

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